Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Double Bookkeping

I created this poster with power point showing the bookkeeping transactions :  on the lef side "DEBITS" and all the type of debts therefore on the right side "CREDITS" all the type of credits.

I learnt it better , there were things which was a bit confusing but now it's almost clear.

I didn't have any serious problem but just had to deal with the memory which was full so I had to delete some stuff , other than that I didn't find any other difficulties.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quiz created by lorenzobellentan with GoConqr Hi,I am Moda and this is my quiz I made on GoConqr about double entry bookkeeping,I worked with Mozzi and Mohammed who created a mind maps and flashcards. We were asked to define the meaning of double entry bookkeeping and the difference between double entry bookkeeping and single bookkeeping. Personally I just didn't know how to create the quiz initially, and I resolved it once the teacher taught it to me and keep trying new solutions. I am a kinaesthetic learner so I liked to made the quiz because I like doing things online or using technology.
hi I am Moda and I am a kinesthetic leaner.
This result means that I like technology when I'm studying like listening music or doing some exercise online.
I prefer to listen music when people are loud near me and I'm trying to study, and I like to have examples with me.